Trumpet-cleaning is a standard maintenance exercise. Cleaning trumpets helps the instrument sound its best. Generally, it’s recommended to clean trumpets at least once every two months. When cleaning the trumpet for the first time, you should dedicate at least a solid 30 minutes to the process. After having gotten used to the process, the total time shall decrease.

Before starting with the cleaning process, it’s important to prepare the workspace and have all the tools needed for the job. Once having got all things in place, it is time to disassemble the trumpet. Begin by taking out the valves and putting them aside in a safe spot.

Exercise Caution When Taking Slides Out

Next, take out all the slides. Exercise caution when removing slides. If the slides are stuck, do not push them out, or use tools such as pliers. The tubes can come out easily and mar the whole process. If the slides cannot be pulled out with moderate effort, clean the trumpet and later take the instrument to a professional to pull out the slides.

Keep a close watch on the smaller parts, for they may get lost easily. Set them aside safely when taking apart the trumpet. The parts include screws and nuts, pencil holders, bottom valve caps, etc.

Time to Clean

Now that the trumpet has been disassembled completely, it’s time to clean the parts. Begin with the slides. Soak them in water for 60 seconds, and then pull the brass or snake saver brush via the tubing.

Once done, rinse them carefully with fresh water to clean all the soap residue. Next, put the trumpet’s main body into water. Ensure the water fills in the tubing. Let them soak for a few minutes. Then, clean the multiple tubes. Once the cleaning is done, drain out the water and rinse the body of the trumpet carefully.


Dry the trumpet gently and place the instrument on a towel with the slides. At this point, it could be helpful to arrange slides close to the spots they belong to, particularly if you’re handling the trumpet for the first time and are not sure about things. Prior to slide reinsertion, apply some grease on the slides.

Valve Cleaning

Once the trumpet is re-assembled, start cleaning the valves. Some warm running water and dish soap should suffice for the process. Make sure the valve’s top part doesn’t get wet. The only valve parts that should be cleaned are the ports and the bottom section.