Everyone who takes the ITIL 4 course expects to ace the exam on the first attempt. Unfortunately, no all are successful. Like any other exam, the ITIL 4 exam focuses on the ITIL lifecycle. In particular, the stages and processes involved in ITIL 4 concepts. So, you have to base your preparation on the ITIL 4 concepts. So, what can you do pass an ITIL 4 example on a first attempt? Are there insiders secrets that you need to know? Well, to help you get a good grade in your ITIL 4 course, here are the key preparation steps to help you ace the exam on the first trial:

Step 1 — Understand the ITIL Lifecycle

As mentioned earlier, the ITIL 4 exam mostly tests on ITIL 4 concepts. So, you have to understand them comprehensively. From the terminologies to the abbreviations, you should know what they stand for and where they apply. This makes it easy to interpret the exam question more confidently.

Step 2 — Master the Keywords

ITIL 4 keywords refer to common terms used in ITIL 4 training. You’ll find these terms in your ITIL 4 manual, syllabus, and exam. Some of them are:

• Customer value
• Service strategy
• Service design
• Service improvement

Step 3 — Refer to the Syllabus

The ITIL 4 exam doesn’t come far from the syllabus. So, you should always use it as your reference when doing personal study and revisions. Look at what’s covered in the syllabus and make sure you master the theories.

Step 4 — Use the ITIL 4 Foundation Manual

If you have access to an ITIL 4 foundation manual, make proper use of it. Just like the ITIL 4 syllabus, the manual covers key ITIL 4 concepts that are tested in the exam. It provides you with basic learning tips and case studies that help you understand ITIL 4 concepts much better.

Step 5 — Eliminate the Wrong Options

When it comes to multiple-choice questions, the smartest way to arrive at a correct answer is to first eliminate the wrong options. Look for the options which don’t make much sense and eliminate them. You should only settle for an option you are comfortable with.


Generally, it takes adequate preparation for the ITIL 4 exam to pass it on the first attempt. It’s a process that starts from the first day you take up the ITIL 4 course. The earlier you plan for it, the likelier you are to ace it. The above key steps can help you a great deal.