If you or someone close to you plays rugby, then you are aware of the importance of maintaining your uniform. Depending on how often you practice, coupled with how often you actually play, your rugby uniform could become worn out or damaged in a short period of time. However, there are some surefire ways for keeping your uniform in tip-top condition. Here are some tips for proper maintenance, which will enable you to keep your rugby uniform looking great for as long as possible:

Cleaning – Even if the manufacturer doesn’t specify how your uniform should be kept clean, it is a good idea to stick with dry cleaning only. The agitation of most washing machines, even on the gentle cycle, can cause immense wear and tear. Of course if you wash your uniform several times a week, this could cause it to become damaged quite quickly.

Dry cleaning doesn’t have to be too costly, and as long as your uniform doesn’t become heavily soiled on a regular basis, having it dry cleaned a couple times a month should suffice. Of course the frequency will depend on how soiled it becomes, as well as your own personal preferences, but you can spot-clean it between dry cleanings.

Damage – Rugby uniforms will undoubtedly sustain some type of damage at one time or another. The key to keeping the uniform in adequate shape is to make any necessary repairs as soon as you notice any damage. For instance, if you notice a small hole in the knee area of your uniform, then immediately mending the hole is important. By mending any damaged areas of your uniform as soon as they’re noticed, you prevent them from becoming worse, which could make repair more costly or more difficult.

Storage – You might believe that the storage of your uniform isn’t important, but proper storage is just as important as the other steps of care. When not in use, you should hang your uniform in a closet, or at the very least neatly fold it. Leaving in thrown around, bunched up with other clothing leaves your uniform vulnerable to damage. Not only will it be more likely to become wrinkled, but since you’re not going to wear a wrinkled uniform, you will probably iron it. Ironing on a regular basis can eventually wear out your uniform, so by preventing wrinkles in the first place, you will rarely have to contend with ironing.

Additionally, failing to place your uniform on a hanger or folded in a drawer, can cause it to have a bad odor, which makes more frequent cleanings necessary.