Did you know that in the summer the car battery is worn more easily? Here are some tips on how to preserve it and what checks to take to avoid staying with your vehicle in need of repair. Statistics has shown that the main cause of faults for a car is due to the malfunction of the battery. What is often overlooked, because it is not considered an indispensable part of the car, is instead a bit ‘the heart of our car and must be treated, controlled and changed when there is need.

What must be done, therefore, to be able to monitor the effective efficiency of our battery? The first thing to do is to observe if there are any anomalies. Sometimes a low battery indicates a faulty alternator. If you have just installed a new battery that has been discharged within a couple of weeks, it may be the cause. In all other cases, often the causes of faults are due to lack of familiarity, forgetfulness or negligence.

Fortunately, exhausted batteries are easy to restore. All you need is another motorist willing to devote fifteen minutes of his time, in case your car is stuck in the street. It would be enough even the help of your trusted mechanic who in a very short time would be able to start again. But what is the main cause of the car battery discharge?

For sure (and who has never happened?) Is to leave the lights of your car on. Often, a forgetfulness of a few hours does not cause irreparable damage to our battery, especially if it is not very old, but parking your car for a few days with the lights on means that certainly on our return we will not be able to start it and need Jump Start Service in Singapore.

Battery technology has not changed much over the years. Most of them still use lead and sulfuric acid, while the latest, slightly more expensive models use lead-calcium and lead-antimony, but the basic idea is the same.

There are more and more people who use the DIY method car battery replacement when it is completely empty, also because now you can buy a good battery anywhere, including large shopping centers.

The purchase of a new battery must always be made taking into account the real needs that our car needs, respecting the capacity of the battery to be replaced (batteries with higher amperage or starting are allowed, but eye to the dimensions that may not be compatible with the battery compartment) preferring a good quality product and wary of unknown brands.