The are various basics you need to learn about visibility learning, especially when you are a teacher. The impact is seen daily in school life in many countries. Visibility learning program and idea is being implemented in different municipalities and schools today and various municipalities in various countries around the world as from John Hattie Theory.

The programs and ideas are well discussed locally and internationally. Various discussions allow some basic ambitions and assumptions when it comes to the efficiency of visibility learning. Others consider the dismissal of such a concept concluding it is morally wrong.

The position is well defended by many teachers, together with different researchers. From the teaching point of view, there is an argument of learning being invisible and the learning risks targeting to demotivate the students.

Some of the discussions in education research are focusing on whether there will be some great effect on the pointed factors. This is whether it will make some sense when it comes to driving the policy of education decisions that are based on the effect of the study’s standard size. Again there is a need to know if efficiency will be the lens of viewing education.

It is important to go beyond the normative discussion and efficiency discussion to understand how the visible learning is working and what it is doing. Various questions are there for you to know when it comes to visible learning for teachers. This will help them to observe different visible learning practices forms in municipalities and schools.

Some of the questions are relating to the core concepts meaning, teaching translation, and visible leaning theoretical departure points together with political practices. The control of the translation, reception of educational ideas and the programs is done by everybody.

From John Hattie, you will find some insight into his reflections and his role and view of his work. Hattie is well involved in different parts that concern visible learning. Here you will find the presentation of analysis, production of data, teaching programs, concepts development, and dissemination.
You will find John Hattie working constanly for the support of visible learning as a valid concept. From that, you will have more interest in learning about his context awareness and point of view concepts and some other reflections.
From John Hattie Theory, you will understand better his reflection about the visible learning implementation, how his team understands school traditions, and the way they regard the local context knowledge as essential for them to work in various schools.