It is believed that the eye is the window to the world. And the window can be decorated sometime, to make wearers much more attractive. Indeed, there are now special lenses that can be used to rectify vision problems and also to enhance users’ personal images. In particular, Cosplay contacts can be used to enhance wearers’ natural eye colors, making eyes more attractive to look at. Besides, they can change wearers’ eye colors completely, making wearers unique to look at in particular situation.

Colored contact lenses are soft and are manufactured so that they completely cover the cornea. Soft lenses are also made up of between 40% to 80% water, and the reason why they are so comfortable to wear is that they allow oxygen to pass through thus letting your eyes breath. Unless you suffer from a severe vision deficiency, you should still be able to get colored contacts even if you need vision correction. According to manufacturers, the degree of correction can vary from – 6 to – 8. One drawback with soft lenses is that they are mainly for daily use and should be removed after some time, cleaned and stored appropriately.

Colored contact lenses are of four main types – visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque colored, and light filtering lenses. There is a spherical area in the center of the lens which is devoid of any color. This part slides over the pupils and makes it possible for the wearer to see clearly despite the colored lenses

A few years ago, new models of color lenses were introduced. These were manufactured and are designed to have fun with. They are not meant to correct vision and can make your eyes look totally “out there.” Compant company sells various variety of colors and designs including Red Hot, Cats Eyes, Snake Eyes, Zombie and Whiteout, just to name a few. These lenses can be great for that special occasion like Halloween or a fancy dress party.


Many of these colored lenses are designed for people who have astigmatism, need eye correction, or like a disposable contact for beauty regimen. Whether it is for trend or a prescription, it is essential to know the minute details about contact lenses. So when thinking of colored contacts always choose Cosplay contacts that will fit you the best and serve its purpose. Seek for medical intervention. They are the ones who know what you need and right for you. Bear in mind that the end will not only give you a stunning look but will also determine your personality.