Pole grip dancers slips all the time. Don’t be disheartened if you keep going down despite your best efforts to stay steady. Perhaps the problem can be remedied through simple solutions. If you have already tried strengthening exercises and extensive warmup routines, then consider getting products that might help you with this issue. Note that there are a ton of different things that you can use and each of them are solutions to specific problems. Below are some of the common causes and their remedies:

For Slippery Poles

Maybe you are not to blame. It could be the pole itself that is causing the slippage. A lot of pole dancers apply powder chalk along the length of it to create some friction and absorb wetness. Liquid chalk may also be used if you are not fond of powder. Slather it around and wait for it to dry up. It shouldn’t take long before you can start your routine. Instead of applying a product onto the surface of the metal, you can also use one to clean things up. There are grip-enhancing towels that are perfect for pre-session preparations.

For Sweaty Hands

If you have sweaty palms, then you really will have trouble maintaining your grip. The moisture will build up as you go along and make things harder. It may be a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. One way to manage this is to apply lotion that can help to reduce sweating. You can buy these products over the counter at pharmacies. You may also get pole-specific products that are known to dry the skin and absorb moisture. Others work as antiperspirants without drying skin or leaving stains.

For Dry Hands

Sometimes the problem is the exact opposite: overly dry skin. It can be just as bad as you won’t feel comfortable and may develop blisters. Using products that counter sweaty hands may only lead to more dryness. Therefore, you should use a sticky grip aid that is meant specifically for this condition. This could come as a cream, a spray, or a powder. Read the instructions carefully.

For Sliding Bodies

Of course, the hands aren’t the only ones in contact with the pole. Other parts of the body may be used to improve grip and stability. You can use a spray that moisturizes and heals bruised skin to any part. Others improve stickiness or reduces sweat.

Numerous pole grip solutions are available to help you achieve your potential.