For anyone looking forward to opening a distillery, the choice of distilling equipment one chooses matters a lot. So, it helps to understand where and how to source for good commercial distilling equipment, particularly considering that many providers are selling this equipment. Below are helpful tips to guide you through selecting the right equipment if you are seeking to start a distillery.

But first things first, what should you look for in good distilling equipment? Well, let’s find out:

What makes good commercial distilling equipment?

• Performance: The equipment should be powerful enough to meet your distillation needs. It should also be capable of running smoothly without breaking down unexpectedly.

• Still: The equipment should come with a quality still that can accommodate your distilling needs. For instance, a copper still can be a good choice for smaller distillers. The type of still you select should match the types of liquors you are manufacturing.

• Vital parts: The types of vital parts in distillery equipment determine the efficiency of the entire equipment. Some vital parts that make equipment great and more functional include a mash for creating a fermented liquid, fermenters, a boiler for boiling liquid and tanks for storage among others.

Choosing the Right Distilling Equipment

• Pick the right still: A quality still is most crucial part to look for in distillery equipment. Pick equipment with quality still to ensure the best quality of the finished product. While a quality still may seem pricey, it is a worthwhile investment for a part of the equipment that is meant to last for several years.

• Get the right parts: Instead of buying complete distillery equipment at once, it is much prudent to shop for other parts of the equipment gradually. Nevertheless, the parts you choose for your equipment have to be new. Search manufacturing catalogs or search online to get the best deals on distillery parts. Again, stay away from old parts or faulty parts that are likely to compromise on the performance of the entire unit.

• Choose from the right manufacturer: Though there are many manufacturers of commercial distilling equipment, not all of them are the same. Some manufacturers are revered for churning out high-quality distillery equipment, while others manufacture substandard equipment at best. As such, shop your equipment from manufacturers with a history of crafting quality and sturdy distillery equipment.

Sourcing for the right commercial distilling equipment is certainly an easy task for prospective distillers that understand what to look for in ideal equipment. Before purchasing your equipment, consider your distillation needs to ensure the equipment can meet them adequately.