Television has become the primary source of passing information and entertainment for people nowadays. With modernization, television sets have been designed to bring a unique modern look to people’s homes. A right way this has been achieved is by mounting a television to the wall. This method is stylistic, it also saves space, plus the viewer’s get the cinematic feeling when watching.

Rather than hiring a professional to mount the device for you, save cash by doing the job yourself. However, you need to understand that the job is a bit complicated and requires you to pay attention to some factors. Here below are ways in which you can safely conduct TV wall installation Atlanta.

Measure Space for Mounting

Before handling any other task relating to mounting your television, you need to measure the space area on the wall where you intend to place the device. While measuring, pay attention to the height of viewing from nearby seats. It is wise to use a tape measure to get the dimensions accurate. You can use a pencil to mark out the measurements. After marking, take a seat on your couch to test if your measurements are suitable for viewing. Use masking tape to highlight the place the TV will settle.

Hide the Wires

Since all televisions use wires to connect to power, you need to choose how you will hide the wires. You can choose to put a piece of furniture under the television to hide the view of cords. You can also drill holes into the wall to place the wires. This technique requires power tools and a little bit of early planning to hide the cables effectively. You can consider using cable holders to stick the cables to the wall.

Preparation is Important

After knowing how to conceal the cables, you need to identify where to drill holes for the TV wall installation Atlanta. A wise option would be finding the stud framing by using a stud finder. Keep in mind the height since the cords from the TV will have to reach the power output. The cables can be hidden in the wall. However, avoid placing both extension TV cords in the wall. However, if you find challenges in this area, it is advisable to find a professional for safety reasons.


Safety should be the primary concern of any TV owner considering mounting. Following the steps above will ensure the mounting process is handled correctly. Most mounts come with detailed instructions on how to mount the device. This makes the final process of installation easy and stress-free.