Are you looking to view inside your sewer line and detect issues like leaks and clogging without having to do any excavation? Then you should consider using a sewer camera. But since these cameras are expensive to buy, you can rent one.

Once you hire a sewer camera, it’s your responsibility to protect it and return it to the rental agent in good condition. If not, then there’s the risk of incurring expensive repair costs. So, how do you ensure that incurring minimal costs when it comes to sewer camera rentals? Generally, you can take proper care of your sewer camera rental in the following ways:

Unclog the Piping First

Before you can insert a sewer camera inside your sewer line to detect leaks and source of clogging, first try to clean out the piping. This is meant to create a clearer path for the camera to have a better view. More importantly, it protects your camera from being damaged by sewer clog.

Observe Camera Cleanliness

After using your sewer camera, you should wipe off water, sewage, and any other wetting material that may have dropped on it. Wetness can damage your sewer camera and interfere with its performance.

Keep Hands Close

Your hands should be close to the camera to have better control of the reeling. The reeling has to be held strongly to prevent it from shaking. If it shakes, then the camera shakes and this may damage it.

Remove the Camera Before Doing Repairs

The work of a sewer camera is to help you identify the source of the problem within your sewer line. Once the issue is established, you should take out the camera before commencing the repairs. If you do the repairs while the camera is inside the sewer line, you risk damaging it.

Report Damages to the Rental Agent

Lastly, if your sewer camera accidentally gets damaged, you should inform the rental agent immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late as the repairs may become complicated expensive. You may never know; it could be a simple fix that the agent can address.


There’s no doubt that a sewer camera rental is an affordable and easy way to identify hidden issues in your sewer line. All you have to do is take proper care of the equipment to avoid unnecessary repair costs. It starts with the above ways. It also pays to hire a sewer camera from a company that is quite transparent in its fees. Beware of companies that may want to take advantage of your situation and charge you hefty and unnecessary fees.