The sight of your home compound surrounded by natural green plants is not only beautiful but also very therapeutic and welcoming. Living green walls are a group of plants that grow vertically. These plants either stand on their own or are attached to the walls of your home. Living green walls, also known as vertical gardens, eco walls, and green walls are constructed the same way as actual walls. They are built using a skeletal structure that hangs with its sections containing flowers and plants that will form the green wall. These eco walls are credited with benefits such as improved air quality and natural scenery. By now you’re probably wondering how to maintain a living fence. Here are some of the ways of how to maintain a living wall;-

Keep An Eye On The Irrigation System

One of the most important maintenance tips for thriving plants is irrigation. While some green walls have hidden pipes to allow self-watering, others require manual watering. Ensure you water the walls correctly. You should also check whether the different features of the wall’s irrigation system are working correctly. These include the timers, valves, and filters.

Inspect The Drainage

Whether your vertical wall is outdoors or indoors, you should check whether there is water building up due to clogged drainage. Be on the lookout for an organic matter like soil, mud, or dead leaves, or public litter that may form over time. Stagnant water may either drown your plants or ruin their mineral balance.

Check the Condition of the Plants

The plants that form your living wall should be healthy and strong. Inspect the wall for dead foliage, leaf damage, dieback, and disease. Doing some weeding and dusting may be necessary.


The same as plants, a vertical wall require a certain amount of light to thrive. It is vital that you determine the amount of light needed by your plants. Some may need shade while others may require direct sunlight. It is advisable to consult a service that deals with vertical gardens from the initial installation, so you get it right from the start.


The location of your eco-wall will help make your maintenance tasks more manageable. You will often need to maintain your vertical wall either using scissors or by climbing a ladder. In this case, one important maintenance tip to bear in mind is to consider the most convenient location for your wall for easy access.
Green wall maintenance is no easy fete. Many companies that deal with vertical walls provide a one year warranty for vertical walls. However, familiarizing yourself with the basic wall maintenance tips can help you save money that is used for damage control in the long run.