Although dogs who have thick fur or handle cold climates well may not need to wear a jacket in the winter, it’s important to choose the best dog coats for other dogs so they can remain healthy. Even if your dog doesn’t need the coat to keep them warm, it’s always nice to help them stay dry. Regardless of why you’re looking for a winter coat for your dog, there are a few things you’ll need to do and remember to help you choose the right one.

Measure Your Dog

Before you head out shopping you need to measure your dog to make sure that the coat will fit them properly. For this, you’ll want to measure your dog from their shoulder blades to the base of their tail as well as around the fattest part of their chest and the narrowest part of their waist. Make sure you also measure your dog’s neck. If you don’t have a measuring tape to do this with, use some string and a ruler.

Check The Material

Different materials are made for different conditions. For instance, if you live in a wet, mild climate you’ll want something different than if you live somewhere with subzero temperatures. You should also determine whether wind-blocking, water resistance, or insulation are the most important to you. Typically you’ll discover that fleece is a good option – just make sure it’s waterproof.

Consider Its Design

There are a lot of different designs available. While you shouldn’t be concerned about making a fashion statement here, you should be concerned with how the design impacts your dog’s ability to move around. This is especially true if you have an older dog or one who has difficulty moving. In this case, you’ll want to find a coat that’s really easy for them to put on. Additionally, it’s important to see how the coat stays secured to your dog’s body (e.g. velcro, adjustable straps, slide on). Here you’ll want to choose something that’s easy for you to put on and take off of your dog.

See How The Dog Coat Fits

The best dog coats are going to be those that fit your dog well so they’re comfortable while wearing them. You want to make sure that it fits them snugly without any large gaps or anything that could rub on or restrict their movement. Along with the other tips that we’ve mentioned here, when you find this type of coat you’ll know you’ve found the right one for your dog.