Pitbulls are extremely friendly dogs who are happiest indoors with their owners. All Pitbull owners would agree that due to the short fur coats, little or no body fat and lack of undercoats of Pitbulls, their pets are susceptible to the winter elements and are more prone to hypothermia and frostbite. One of the easiest ways to keep a Pitbull warm in colder climates is to invest in a Pitbull sweater. Dog sweaters can help protect your pet from low temperatures and keep him warm and cozy in the winters. However, to choose a sweater that can help keep in the warmth, fit well and allow your pet to stay comfortable in it, you must choose the right sized sweater. Following these simple guidelines will help you measure your Pitbull correctly so that you can buy the right Pitbull size sweaters.

1: Measuring the Pitbulls chest area

The chest area of a Pitbull is usually larger when compared to other breeds and therefore requires you to measure it correctly to get a better fit. The largest part of the Pitbulls chest is usually behind the front legs and the base of their shoulder blades. Wrap the area comfortably with a measuring tape, while he is standing. Using the ‘two-finger rule’ – sliding two fingers between the measuring tape and your dog can help you get the right amount of snugness required.

2: Measuring the Pitbulls neck area

Pitbulls have large necks which can sometimes make it difficult to find the perfect fit for your dog. To measure your Pitbulls neck, position the tape measure from the ridges between the shoulder blades to the top of his chest. Measure the dog’s neck around holding the tape measure closely.

3: Measuring the Pitbulls top line or back area

Use a measuring tape measure the length along the base of the neck to the bottom of the tail. Ensure that the dog is in a standing position for the measurement. The back measurement of a dog is not only crucial for getting the correct Pitbull sweaters but also vital for buying dog t-shirts and other full coverage dog clothes.

Measuring the chest, neck and back area correctly a Pitbull is the best way of assuring a perfect fit. Ensure that you compare the measurements you have of these three core areas to the measurements used in the dog sweaters sizing charts to get the best Pitbull size sweaters for your pet.