As summer approaches, you need a good looking velvet booty shorts in your summer holiday bag. You don’t have them, that means you have to go out there and try to shop for some of the available booty shorts. This process is quite long and time-consuming one, especially if you are like me each morning to evening work. You will find yourself busy all day with less time to shop. To utilize this short time, you are free here are some tips to consider when choosing the best booty shorts for your summer.

How to Pick the Best Booty Shorts

The size

You are dreaming of that killer look that will leave everyone around looking at you, then you must find the right size and fit for your body. It is not all about the killer looks but also the comfort. An oversized is comfortable, but it will hide the sexier part of you and am sure you want to kill those two birds with this velvet booty shorts. The trick is the fitting one not too small but the one made for you.

The material

Do not go around listening to the seller that best booty shorts are booty shorts the are different, and that’s where the content comes in. Like other goods offered in the market, they also come in different materials. Velvet, leather, and many more consider your best taste before going out to buy. If you visit a hot holiday venue as I do, then a velvet will do better.


Go for your favorite colors, for that is the only brand that will give you the best. It is wise if you avoid shouting colors that might create attention, but if this is your mission, they get them, it is all about the holidays and entertainment. Find one of your right looking colors, but don’t forget you going out on a hot day, so dull colors will eliminate comfortability it is wise if you consider white and the reflecting heat brands.


This always determines the type and the brand to take home for your holiday. With this in mind, the market has allowed different shorts with different prices according to their quality. You will find that as you go down the price scale, the quality of the booty short reduces. It depends on you if you don’t intend to stay on your holiday for long, then you can get the less durable ones, but if you want to keep memories, then you have to work with quality but at a cost.