Although the sale of laptop computers has declined a bit, there are still opportunities galore for qualified computer repair technicians. Laptop repair technicians maintain and repair laptop computers, as well as troubleshoot problems, and advise on the upgrades required. Also, it’s not uncommon for these professionals to do installation work. So how much can you make as a laptop repair Sydney technician? We discuss this in detail in this article.

What’s the average income of a laptop/PC repair technician?

According to, a PC repair technician in Sydney makes an average of AU$50,030 per year. This, of course, varies from one employer to the next and translates to AU$52.15 on average. Part of the job description of a laptop repair technician includes installing and configuring computer hardware, managing and responding to help tickets, repairing and updating devices and hardware, including testing & evaluating equipment, maintaining, updating, and testing computer hardware, and building custom components.

Technicians often start with basic education that requires a course to receive A+ Certification. Later on, they branch out into specialized areas like repair technicians. These are trained about the basics of a computer structure. They then inspect laptops to diagnose a problem and fix it. In most cases, computer techs will replace or repair a damaged part, and change or update software. PC repair technicians can work in a computer repair shop, as part of an organization, or as an independent contractor.

Is Laptop Repair Sydney still viable in 2019?

If you focus on small businesses, laptop repair can be a pretty decent business, especially when combined with software configuration and installation, simple website work, networking, and taking backups among other things.

Another fantastic add-on is payment processing and setting up POS. Also, you may want to learn about how to help guys back up stuff in the cloud.

Repair alone is not necessarily a great business. This is because computers most people consider laptops as “disposable”. And individuals are even less likely to bring their laptop computers for repair, and your best shot is to focus on business-to-business dealings.


If you are interested in the laptop or PC repair business, you will be pleased to know that it’s one of the top-earning professions you can try. In case you choose to open a laptop repair Sydney shop, then you will be better off combining it with other things than just doing repairs alone. Also, focusing on business clients is better than targeting individual customers. Given the right approach, PC repair business can earn you decent money and can become a rewarding job given that you are helping people in the process.