Dog bites can inflict several health issues to the victims, including rabies, disability, deformities, and sometimes death. Statistics reveal that case of fatal dog attacks have been rising over the years, with the data showing 82% rise from the 1980s to 2012. The number is expected to be higher in 2019.

Most of the factors that lead to dog attacks are closely related to the responsibility of the owners. Dog owners should, therefore, take the necessary actions to prevent potential dog bites.

Select a dog wisely

Understand the history and the behavior of the dog you are about to take home. Consider working with a professional to study the behavior and point out some issues from history. A dog with an account for bites will likely inflict injuries in the future. Also, take some time to interact with the dog before bringing it to your home. Be cautious about bringing a canine pet to your kid.

Teach dog safety to your kids

Dogs love to chase moving things, and if your kid doesn’t know how to interact with your pet, it’s time you teach them before it’s too late. Teach your child to handle your dog gently by stroking it in a calm and friendly manner. Discourage kids from pulling on a dog’s ears while encouraging them to approach the pets slowly. Teaching your children when to and not approach a dog is important. Moreover, allow your child to play with a dog only under your supervision.

Seek professional help for an aggressive dog

Signs of aggression in dogs include snarling, growling, guttural barks, bruising bites, and mouthing among others. Whereas attacks can be attributed to several factors, environmental factors are mainly to blame. You should consult a professional dog trainer immediately to help adjust the behavior. The expert will determine what in the pet’s environment contributes to the aggressive actions and take the appropriate steps to correct the situation.

Avoid playing aggressive games with your dog

You should not engage your dog in aggressive games. Learn to play with your dog the proper way and under appropriate situations. It’s best to pause the playtime when your dog gets too excited and portrays symptoms of aggression.

By taking the necessary measures, dog owners can play a vital role in preventing fatal dog attacks. Anyone aiming to bring in a new dog to their home should evaluate the dog’s behavior and history with the help of a professional. Learn how to familiarize your kid with your dog and hire a professional trainer to adjust aggression tendencies in your dog.