It is vital to formulate an effective LinkedIn strategy to optimize your presence on this social network. If you work in the B2B sector, this platform could become your favorite. It represents your gateway to communicate with more than 400 million professionals.

Much more than a social media for job search and career development, LinkedIn is also the platform of choice for growing your business.

Unlike Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, where users expect to be wooed by brands, LinkedIn brings together a totally different community, and also with different intentions. Users do not expect to find recipes or baby pictures. Instead, they expect to discover interesting articles, learn more about their field of activity or get in touch with a person or professional of influence in a given sector.

Promoting your business insistently or doing hard sell on LinkedIn is highly criticized. It is for these reason that it is necessary to develop appropriate LinkedIn Campaign Ideas. You can approach LinkedIn in two ways: through companies or influencers (presidents, directors, salespeople).

Take the time to complete the profile of your company. This will allow visitors and potential customers to get to know you company quickly and locate where you are doing business. Also, share relevant and engaging content to prove your company’s expertise. This will help him to position himself as a leader in his field.

LinkedIn is the playground for presidents, directors and salespeople. This is the perfect place to discover the latest trends in a given industry, follow your competition, but most importantly get in touch with potential customers. This is where the strength and uniqueness of LinkedIn lies: social selling.

To make the social sale, a relevant and effective presence on LinkedIn is essential. To help you develop your LinkedIn Campaign Ideas, follow the best practices. Once you start working on LinkedIn, check your Social Selling Index (SSI). This tool allows you to have an overview of your activity on the social network by rating you according to four variables.

Depending on the rating awarded, you will know what points to work on to improve your LinkedIn presence. And soon, this social media will become a customer acquisition channel that you will not be able to do without.

Many candidates have a profile but do not check their timeline. If LinkedIn has an important place in an Inbound Recruiting strategy, it may be paradoxically less relevant than Facebook or Snapchat. By working on your candidate persona, you will know if it is appropriate or not to invest in this social network.