To ensure a secure deletion of sensitive data, various manufacturers offer software called Eraser, which overwrites the data area several times when deleting. You can also use an arbitrary and free distribution of Unix that can be conveniently started directly from the CD. There is also for this purpose in addition to universal programs, such as dd and badblocks specifically for deleting several open source programs.

AVG offers hard drive data shredder through its Quick tune application that comes with the AVG Anti-virus. In Apple’s Mac OS X, there are appropriate functions (“Delete Recycle Bin” and “Volume overwrite with zeros”). If the file has been deleted, without overwriting the data, the entire free space of the hard disk can be overwritten, while the memory is overwritten several times to prevent the data from being recovered with special hardware such as restore of data recovery companies or authorities. The Gutmann method was introduced in 1996 to ensure a secure deletion of data.

An alternative is offered for scrapping the computer to the mechanical destruction of obsolete hard drive or the discs. Therefore, in a shredder grind in some companies to switch to a new generation of computers all disks into small pieces and destroyed the data that way.

Different hard drives offer the ability to protect the full hard disk contents with a password directly at the hardware level. However, since this is basically useful property is not well known and off most of the BIOS for setting the password function is not automatically is purely theoretical for malicious programs such as viruses, the chance to harm the user by setting this password to an unknown value massively. Then there would be no way to even access the hard drive contents. For further information on ATA hard drives see ATA / ATAPI.

The motherboard (mainboard) is the main circuit board of a computer that can be handled by Business Computer Repairs. On it, the individual components such as the main processor are (CPU), memory, the BIOS chip with embedded firmware, the interface modules and slots for expansion cards, the necessary circuit paths are divided into several layers.


The motherboard contains slots for the processor, memory modules and expansion cards such as graphics, sound and network cards as well as modules that connect the components together.

The previous division into a Northbridge for high-performance connection of memory and graphics card and a Southbridge for hard drive, PCI slots and peripherals is no longer applicable.

Functions such as memory controllers are now integrated into the CPU itself, so a two-chip design was unnecessary. Some still continue to speak of a Southbridge chipset, although it is actually only a key component on the motherboard that is vital to Business Computer Repairs.