Dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a computer server that is made available to a customer by a single host. Examples include file server, database server, web server, FTP server, DNS server and mail server.

The dedicated server can be administered remotely via the Internet or by the host. The client hires the computer hardware operating system, bandwidth and colocation in the case of a managed dedicated server.

It is a dedicated web hosting service when the customer has the ability to manage not only the files on the server, but also applications and their configurations.

When the servers are shared by multiple clients it is known as a shared server. In this case, the client has access to only a portion of server resources such as disk space (typically a few tens of megabytes to several gigabytes) to manage its files in this limited space.

Dedicated servers are generally much more expensive than shared hosting. However, it is often necessary to run large websites, sites that require special configuration or applications that require a lot of resources.

A dedicated server is designed to deliver web services (HTTP, FTP, BDD) without service interruption. It is located in a data center, which is a secure building with fire redundant air conditioning systems, generators, security access. The possibility of changing some parts of the uninterrupted service is also provided.

The customer can sometimes manage its remote server using various protocols through (SSH Linux GNU and Remote Desktop or Terminal Services for Windows) server operating system.

Hosting service provider

The Australian Web Hosting service provider is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of the hardware, the cost to keep the server online. The network infrastructure is often of high quality. Dedicated servers are often offered at competitive rates. Dedicated server is nothing more than a device connected 24 hours a day on a link for high speed internet in an internet data center.

It is a favorite among high-traffic sites, content portals or very popular for companies that want to host their applications combining maximum performance with increased security and confidentiality of information hosted.

The hosting on dedicated servers is rarely selected mainly for their high maintenance cost, although its value has been significantly reduced in recent years. Many factors must be observed, such as choosing and installing the operating system, the compilation of web software packages (the famous LAMP) and setting the safety aspects of it.

That’s why most companies or individuals who hire a dedicated server also choose to hire the management and monitoring of dedicated specialized Australian Web Hosting companies.