Do you live in a home where the kitchen, bathroom and living spaces are cleaned with organic cleaners? Many buy Eco-friendly cleaning products because green home cleaning is considered fashionable. However, why buy toxic cleaners, when there are plenty of homemade recipes to help you sanitize your home. Some of the best cleansing supplies lay idle in kitchens throughout the nation, so read on if you are interested in turning your home into a chemical-free dwelling:

The Benefits of Cleaning Your Home the Natural Way

. Homemade household cleaners are free from toxins which help to create a healthy living environment
. Green cleansing goods don’t affect indoor air quality
. Homemade laundry detergent, home-made non-toxic floor wash, Eco dishwasher detergent and DIY antibacterial cleansers are less costly
. Organic products contain fewer anti-bacterial ingredients

Do you feel tempted to throw those harsh chemical cleansers into the garbage? The simple cleansers are the best and it is easy to adopt a green cleaning routine. Look into your kitchen cupboard and sort out these six simple natural cleaners:

. Salt
. Lemon juice
. Olive oil
. Cream of tartar
. Vinegar
. Baking soda

A sanitary and presentable living space makes household tasks easier. Ideally, the home should be tidied daily, living areas vacuumed regularly and the kitchen and bathrooms should be scrubbed as needed. Some of us do an annual spring clean, a percentage deep-clean their property to keep it fresh and hygienic. Here are some organic ways to cleanse areas of the home:

Make Your Glass and Mirrors Sparkle

Green and chemical cleaning products together in a bucket

Green and chemical cleaning products together in a bucket

Add a drop of lemon juice to a bowl of warm water before washing windows and wiping mirrors. Green cleaners don’t buy new dusters; they cut-up an old tee-shirt to use as a washcloth

Gleaming Tiles Look Great

Tiles and vinyl are two of many surfaces you can clean with lemon juice. Dip a lint-free recycled cloth into the juice of a lemon and rub the acidic substance directly onto the dirty surface. The citrus juice will make the floor bright and shiny

Green Furniture Polish

A mixture of one part lemon juice and two parts olive oil creates an effective Eco-polish. Apply the homemade polish directly onto the wood furniture using a soft rag. Buff the wood until it sparkles

Earth-Friendly Metal Polish

Put a little salt and vinegar into a china basin. Add a spoonful of flour and mix it to a paste. You have just created an effective Eco-friendly polish to clean tarnished copper, chrome, stainless steel and brass

Eco Soot Stain Remover

Smoke and soot smudges build-up on log-burning fireplaces. Mix a drop of water and a little cream of tartar into a paste. Apply the Eco-paste to the stains; allow drying before buffing with a clean piece of rag

Harsh commercial cleaners are effective; however, many DIY try green home cleaning products are just as successful. Natural stain removers, alternative fabric softeners, homemade laundry powder, Eco-friendly oven cleaners and homemade cream cleansers are inexpensive, easy to make and simple to use.