A computer case is a box that contains the motherboard and the other components of a desktop computer. It differs from other types of computers because desktops are designed to be highly modifiable while laptops and single board computers usually are designed to fit only one type of external cover. A case for a desktop is one of the more low tech features, but it is essential for several reasons and can be upgraded. Check out PC Case reviews on a relevant technology site.

The idea of reading a review about PC cases might seem absurd to someone who is accustomed to computers from a decade ago. Today, cases come in many forms, some of which are spectacular. They might feature LED lights that are purely to make the case more attractive, or its outer decoration might be a flexible sheet with a holographic engraving. They are more attractive, but that is just to start.

One reason to get a new case is that it is designed to house a more powerful electrical input. Every computer has an inverter that converts alternating current to direct current because all the electronic components use direct current locally to process data, run fans, and power graphical cards. Most basic desktops come with a lightweight inverter that might supply 400 watts or less to the components of a PC. For someone wanting to use a high-end gaming card, this is not enough.

Aside from housing a more powerful supply of electricity, a case also determines what type of extensions can be used. Really, all the parts that plug into PCI and PCI express slots are in fact plugging into the motherboard, but the case determines what motherboards can be supported as well as the power supply and the local fan that might be used by the graphical processor.

Other reasons to use a custom PC Case reviews is that it might channel air better in order to promote cooling. A case strongly influences the flow of air around inside of a desktop. The central fan directly cools the core processor, but the circulating air also cools the other components. A case helps to determine where air enters and exists. It might house additional cooling equipment if it is advanced.

With all the options on the market, it pays to know which can do the job. A few reasons to have an upgraded desktop are to have a powerful gaming engine that can connect to a big screen TV as well as a business owner who wants to connect two or even four screens to a single PC. If it requires extra performance, consider getting a case that can support it.