Many holiday house owners complain about not getting the occupancy numbers that they hoped for, and often blame factors such as the economy and the Forex exchange markets. However, the reality is that some rental houses owners don not just know how to market their property well. So, before you give up on your holiday house, here are top 3 creative ways to generate more bookings:

1. Interactive Floor Plans

Floor plans have become popular in the recent past as a bigger percentage of guests prefer to know the exact layout of the holiday houses before booking. For instance, guests planning to book family holiday spaces want to know details such as how close the children’s bedrooms are close to the master bedroom or whether the kitchen is spacious enough to prepare their meals as well as whether there are enough space for children to play among other details.

You can draw your rental’s floor plan by yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Thanks to the digital age, there are a lot of apps that you can leverage to come up with a great floor plan. Your guests will only need to click on the floor plan to see the image of the rooms and even scan around to get a feel of space that you are offering. You can also post the floor plan on your website, your social media account or a local classified listing for more exposure.

2. Video Slideshows

Another creative way to capture the attention of your potential guests is to use rotating images with quality captions and chilled music. Like floor plans, you can add these on your social media accounts or your website for added exposure. The rotating images will help you showcase all the important aspects of your holiday house without your potential guests having to do anything.

3. Virtual 3D tours

3D tours are creative ways of allowing holidaymakers to view your holiday rental and its surroundings without the need to step inside. It allows your potential guests to navigate effortlessly through your rental by looking around the lounge area, bedroom, and even peek out of the window to establish how breathtaking the view is. Another creative way that many marketers are using to capture holiday houses in Tasmania is using drones.


The best way of ensuring steady booking for your holiday houses in Tasmania is maximizing their exposure to potential clients. The above 3 methods are tried and tested ways of showing your holiday houses in a unique way that will enable them to stand out, increase your bookings, and ultimately boost your ROI.