Spy cameras are everywhere on the Internet and various local shops to help you fill all your needs. You can use them as props for a project or as part of your surveillance system for the house. It all depends on your particular situation as these devices are highly adaptable. Below are some of the things that you should look for when shopping:


These cameras are supposed to be inconspicuous. They should not draw attention to themselves which means that they should not look like a typical camera at all. They are usually disguised as a different type of product that you can use in any situation. For example, there are those that are embedded inside a watch, a pair of glasses, a pen, a briefcase, a shirt button, and so on. The point is that they can be used in the open without anyone suspecting that you are carrying a camera with you even if you are up-close with someone.


These units should be fairly small. This is part of how they are able to escape detection. They are so small that they can be house in minute items without bulging or looking awkward. The continuous advance in technologies have enabled manufacturers to make them a lot smaller than before without sacrificing function. Find a unit that has the perfect size for your intended application.


The cameras should be easy to operate. These may have to be used in stressful situations wherein there is little time to react and movement has to be quick. You should not have to fiddle around so much just to get the thing working as it should. The buttons should be clearly laid out and intuitive to use even for beginners. Ideally, you should be able to make recordings without even looking at the controls thanks to logical placement and unique indentations. Of course, practice makes perfect as well so be sure to test it several times before use.

Quality Output

Just because its small doesn’t mean that it can be excused for producing images of mediocre quality. It is perfectly possible to find a few devices that can capture videos and photographs that are sharp enough to be actually usable. This is the point of this matter since you want a device that can provide you with output that is of value, not a washed out clip that no one can understand. This is especially important is the device is going to be used in dark places and other non-ideal situations. You will have to pay a premium to get a quality device but it might be worth it depending on your application.