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Choosing A Voice Activated Door

Smart homes are becoming a reality. Virtual assistants are already in wide use with voice commands directing them todo the owner’s bidding. They can turn the lights on or off, and do the same with almost all other types of… Continue Reading →

Car Park Lift Systems: A Beginner’s Guide

Being an experienced driver is more than just having the ability to drive. Knowing your vehicle means familiarizing yourself with equipment such as car park lift systems. But what are car park lift systems? Well, these are equipment designed with… Continue Reading →

Drone Surveillance Service—the Smart Future Of Effective Security At Public Events

Any security professionally tell you that the ideal surveillance set up is one that offers a 360° view of the perimeter of the area to be secured. Now, the biggest disadvantage of land-based surveillance is that it is impossible for… Continue Reading →

Guide To Chatbot Digital Health

Bots are nothing new, but it is precisely the progress in AI that is allowing retail outlets to develop proposals for automated interaction with their customers. This paves the way for widespread adoption. Chatbots burst onto the scene as a… Continue Reading →

How Bulk Imaging Technology Enhances Better Document Management

In any office setting, document management is important. Whether offline or online, you are expected to properly organize your information for easy retrieval and viewing. Inasmuch as paper records are often regarded as the best evidence for transactions, some individuals… Continue Reading →

The Best Solar Power Melbourne

Green energy sources have become more and more reliable over the last couple of years thanks to new innovations and inventions in the industry. For instance, the development of solar roofing tiles, high capacity Li-ion batteries and reduction of cost… Continue Reading →

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