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How To Make Your Acoustic Duo Performances In Melbourne Better

Doing an acoustic duo Melbourne gig should be as fun as a band gig and is always believed to bring in more money. However, like any other gig out there, it comes with a few challenges that can severely impact… Continue Reading →

The Amazing Instruments That Define Swing Music

So, you are planning to hold a big event soon, and you already have a venue and a date. You even have a catering company in mind. What is missing is the entertainment aspect. You are a little hesitant because… Continue Reading →

4 Tips For Buying Pianos Online

In our modern world of “everything going digital, true piano players are becoming more scarce by the minute and that can make finding a piano both easy… and difficult. Easy because more and more people are giving up their passed… Continue Reading →

Corporate Wedding Bands: How To Select The Best Entertainment For Your Big Day

The people entertaining your guests at your wedding will be responsible for setting the mood at your event. It is therefore paramount that you only hire the right people for the job. Corporate wedding bands come in all shapes and… Continue Reading →

4 Ways To Celebrate Art In Your Family

1. Invest in music lessons for your child. Science has proven that children who grow up reading and playing music are smarter and more focused than their unmusical counterparts. While it can take a while to get the hang of… Continue Reading →

Musical Instruments That Your Child Can Learn To Play This Summer

Summer is fast approaching. It is a time when the children get a well-deserved break from school so that they can relax and focus on other activities. A lot of families go on vacations during this time but there is… Continue Reading →

Trumpets Buying Guide For Beginners

Skill aside, instruments are the most crucial investments to a musician, whether professional or otherwise. As such, choosing the right trumpet is very important. This can however be daunting for beginners with no knowledge of where to start. Types Trumpets… Continue Reading →

Learning How To Clean Trumpets

Trumpet-cleaning is a standard maintenance exercise. Cleaning trumpets helps the instrument sound its best. Generally, it’s recommended to clean trumpets at least once every two months. When cleaning the trumpet for the first time, you should dedicate at least a… Continue Reading →

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