A lag crew is a hybrid of a screw and a bolt. It has hex head similar to a bolt but its threaded part is similar to a screw. It is one of the toughest and strongest fasteners available for wood applications. This strong, durable and sturdy fastener is used to join a heavy material to a heavy lumber. It is capable of holding an intense load without breaking or deforming even after years of installation. Due to its versatile application advantages, it is used widely in the wood construction industry. You can buy wholesale lag screws in California. You save a lot of money when you place a large order for these screws.

Lag screws are different from other screws like self-drilling, sheet metal, concrete and other screws. Ordinary screws are made for basic applications and do not have the tensile strength to hold heavy loads. When you hold a lag screw, you will see why it is different from other screws. First of all, it is massive in size compared to other screws. A lag screw is minimum 1/4-inch thick and one inch long. These screws are available in various sizes, diameters and thicknesses.

Unlike other wood screws that can be drilled directly into the wood, a lag screw first requires drilling a hole in the base lumber. The diameter of the hole is slightly less than the screw diameter. The hole should be drilled to a depth that is a few millimeters more than the body length of the screw. Once the hole is ready, the lag screw can be tightened into it using a wrench or electric screwdriver with hex bit. When doing so for the first time, it requires some extra effort. However, once the screw grooves have been created in the hole, the lag screw moves easily in the hole. A wrench is needed only at the end of the tightening process to tighten the screw completely and tightly. When taking out the screw, the wrench is needed only initially to loosen the screw. Thereafter, the screw can be moved and taken out of the hole easily.

Lag screws are used in wood projects like fences and patio covers. The basic diameter ranges from 1/4 inch to 7/8 inch. The shoulder size ranges from 0.237 inch to 0.895 inch. The shoulder length ranges from 0.094 inch to 0.375 inch. Width across the flats ranges from 0.425 inch to 1.312 inch. The high quality screws meet ISO 9001 and other standards.

Manufacturers distribute their products through distributors that sell the products to the wholesalers. Retailers purchase products from the wholesalers. Buying large number of screws from a retailer can be expensive. Order lag screws from a wholesaler in California at highly reduced prices. This option is economical when you have a large project where lots of lag screws will be needed.