As the cryptocurrency winter has thawed, there is another price dip as the US elections get close. The analysis of different coins can tell us that the market is soon going to explode. Some of the technical charts show Bitcoin reaching $15000 by the end of November. Here is the Bitcoin Analysis to help you know when to invest before the end of the year:

Testing Lower Resistance Levels Before Halloween and US Elections

The market is swinging wildly as US elections near, and Bitcoin Cash Analysis is showing that this is not going to end soon. As BCH’s market and price are volatile, you can expect it to test some of the lower resistance levels before recovering. The lower resistance levels are when you want to buy to get in before prices begin to skyrocket.

Know When To Get In And Buy Bitcoin Cash After US Election Results Are In

The US elections are keeping the markets down, but that is something that is going to change soon. This also means that it is the best time to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin cash. You will want to buy BCH when it is in a dip; currently, the resistance level where you will want to get in and buy is around $210. This is the best time to buy while the price of this Bitcoin level is lower and affordable.

Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis Through The Holidays And Into The New Year, as the Holidays approach, you can expect coins like BCH to test the upper resistance levels as they begin to climb upwards. The Holiday season will see the markets to continue to recover after the Elections. The process will be slow, but forks like BCH will follow the trend of BTC, which looks to be headed to $15000 somewhere around Q1 of 2021.

The Long-Term Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis For Speculative Investments, the long-term price of Bitcoin Cash will follow the trend line of BTC since it is a fork. You can expect the value of this cryptocurrency to grow steadily, which makes it a great long-term investment for speculative investors.

The Bitcoin Cash price is going to fluctuate until the end of the year but should begin to stabilize after the US elections have been decided. Buy when the markets are at low-points or dips, but you should check with a reputable Bitcoin Cash Analysis publication before you buy.