Incentives offered to the buyer by the builder – Incentive offer proposed to the buyer (you) by the builder to promote the sale. These incentive offers are often posted in the media and can take the form of financing or lease rates of up to 0%, cash rebates (such as NZ$2,000) or a combination of both. The remaining profit is used to cover all other indirect expenses. The final residual amount represents the net profit of the concessionaire.

If a car manufacturer offers you 0% financing or a NZ$ 2,000 cash rebate, it means you can not get these two promotions simultaneously. You must then choose one of the two options. In some cases, it is possible to combine both the 0% interest rate and the NZ$ 2000 cash rebate, but this rarely happens.

Incentive offers offered to the dealership by the builder – commonly referred to as hidden discounts. Internally, these concealed incentive offers to the dealer are called marketing credits, cash rebates, cash rebates, financial incentives, delivery rebates, and more. Many car manufacturers use these measures to encourage dealers to sell more vehicles.

In some cases, the manufacturers do not necessarily want to display these incentives to not tarnish their image while others will use them to encourage dealers to increase their inventory and consequently, the number of cars sold. Most dealerships consider the manufacturer’s rebates when negotiating the price of a car. In concrete terms, this means that the buyer (you) can buy or rent a new vehicle for less than the cost price thanks to Best Online Car Loans.

Getting a price for a new car can be very complex. Now that you know more, would you go to a dealership or Best Online Car Loans to negotiate a price on your own without knowing the right information?

Limit your choices. One of the most important steps when buying a new vehicle is to determine what type of car best meets your needs. Do you prefer a very spacious car or, on the contrary, a compact and economical model?

Whether it’s a Dodge Caravan minivan to drive kids to their hockey practices or a Mazda Miata convertible to take advantage of the summer, it’s critical to target a type of model and a price range. Step 2: Do your research. Once you have decided on a model and a price scale, you must then review the characteristics, the safety index and the reviews.