Are you going to visit Chicago? You must have decided where to go first and where to stay. However, what you might have missed is the list of best food downtown Chicago. Whether you are a food lover or not, you should keep this list in your backpack. The reason is that exploring breath-taking natural sceneries and fun-filled destinations will consume your energy. To re-energize yourself, you must have a fool-proof eatery plan in hand. Here is what you need to add to your food list.

Italian Beef – One thing that should be your first food-stop is a juicy and tender beef sandwich. Italian immigrants come with this Chicago innovation. They created a mouth-watering mixture of Italian spices with beef, and it was the time when this delicious sandwich came into existence. You won’t like to skip this food item from your list, given the fact it has a classic story to tell. No matter where you go in best food downtown Chicago, finding an Italian beef sandwich won’t be challenging.

Pizza – Whenever you go to downtown Chicago, don’t forget to taste Deep-Dish Pizza. Nothing can be more delicious than this Chicago-style pizza. You will try it once and never get over it more years. Indeed, it’s the one thing you never like to miss during your stay in Chicago.
Smoked Fish – Do you like to taste all varieties of fish? If that’s the case, then go with smoke fish. You can find it easily in different restaurants that offer a vast menu of sea-food. Don’t end your whole appetite only on smoked fish because you need to keep some space in your tummy for yummy smoked salmon and shrimps.

Chicago Hot Dogs – When you are busy exploring this city, then you feel hungry after walking for a few miles. So, your next food-stop should be at a hot dog shop. Chicago hot dogs are not like other cities. You will taste a spectrum of seasonal vegetables and condiments with a subtle mix of spices. Once you eat it, you hardly like to walk around without getting one.

Steakhouses – Every big city has some steakhouses, so locating the one in Chicago will feel like a piece of cake. As you know, this city is a meatpacking capital. Therefore chefs of its steakhouses have their hands on the top-ranked meat. So, you can expect not only the most exquisite taste in this largest city in the USA but also very high quality of meat.