Housing units are shrinking every year due to rising cost of land and construction. Homeowners have to make the most of what they have with creative solutions to any problem they might encounter. For instance, the bathroom is notoriously the smallest in most homes even though they get the most visits every day. The shower part can take up the bulk of it. It is possible to reduce the footprint by making an enclosed stall that is big enough to fit a person while preventing moisture to get outside. Shower screen glass Sydney specialists may just have the answer that you’re looking for. Their products can give you the following benefits:


Since glass is transparent, the light from the outside can easily penetrate into the stall. It won’t be as dark as it would be had you chosen other options. Despite the diminutive size of the enclosed space, you will not feel claustrophobic in it thanks to the brightness and the ability to see through the screen. Of course, you can order something that is translucent instead of transparent if this is what you prefer. Such a panel will let light in but will also obscure the figures on the other side. It offers an additional layer of privacy, allowing you to take a shower with confidence.


In more spacious bathrooms, you can use a variety of materials as a dividing wall between the shower area and the rest of it. Many use cement walls made out of filled-in hollow blocks, painted or tiled to blend better with the surroundings. This is not a bad solution but it is much thicker than glass panels. With the latter, you can reduce the width by an order of magnitude — virtually negligible. They are only about a quarter of an inch thin. You will not think twice about using it despite whatever space constraints you might have. Just do it.


Finally, glass screens are resistant to moisture and are easy to clean. You will not have to worry about them rotting away like wood or weakening over time like stone. They are fairly strong as well. Unless you are deliberately hitting the panels with all of your might, then it will not break so easily. The water will be contained to the stall and cleanup will be a breeze. Just wipe off any dirt from the surface and it should come off without any problems. Often, however, you can just let the wet surfaces dry naturally by evaporation. Make sure that there is proper ventilation in your bathroom.