Are you a fish farmer wondering what to feed your Koi and other fish in your pond during winter? Koi are a select type of fish that hibernate during winter, but that doesn’t mean you stop feeding them.
Wheatgerm pellets have all the necessary elements for this fish’s survival during cold or hot weather. The foods are essential, starting from the ingredients, nutrient content, and importance to your fish. Here are the benefits of Koi wheatgerm pellets.

High content value

Wheat germ contains fats, vitamins, relatively high crude protein, and minerals beneficial for your fish. They also contain complex carbohydrates meaning your fish will have ample energy to swim through the water even during cold weather.
These minerals and contents are also essential for your fish to grow fast and withstand aquatic problems. A healthy fish has an improved metabolism allowing it to be active.

Matches Koi’s digestive system and metabolism

Koi are unique fish that undergo different growth stages that change with the weather. If the temperatures go down, the fish hibernate, and during this period, they eat less. It would help if you had wheat germ pellets that work well, adjusting to the fish metabolism and digestive systems in such a time.
You will not overfeed your fish or misuse food during such a time. You will have peace of mind since Your Koi is taken care of and will survive. By giving them such food, you are helping keep their bodies warmer.

Natural ingredients

Do not expect any side effects from these Koi wheatgerm pellets as they are designed with natural ingredients. They work well with fish metabolism, and there are no cases of death or indigestion. The ingredients used to cater to the right protein, carb, and vitamin value.
After feeding your Koi these pellets, they will have a healthy immune and a better chance of fighting off bacterial and viral infections.

Easy to eat and digest

The pellets are medium size and float easily; therefore, they are comfortable for Koi to eat. Moreover, they soften fast when in soaked in cold water. Moreover, they are available in different types; therefore, you can choose one that matches your budget, preferences, and expectations.
These pellets are also easy to digest even when your fish becomes dormant during cold seasons.

Bottom Line

Koi fish need unique treatments as they undergo different changes when the weather changes. These wheatgerm pellets are designed with natural active ingredients with no side effects on the fish. The mineral, carb, protein, and fat contents are considered making them easy to digest and eat.