In addition to its positive contributions on the environment and the bill of the month, the aesthetic side energy rated skylights is a key advantage. This fixture is often presented as a home improvement addition by manufacturers and suppliers. These professionals now offer many models that can adapt to any type of architecture. The window pattern of light, in particular, allows you to discreetly decorate your home. Such a model will be a perfect cover of your roof. For installation, you can hire a specialist.

By using a natural skylight, you can regulate natural ventilation in your home if you have chosen a more articulated model. And if you have model equipped with remote control, you have the possibility to quickly close the window in case of incident coming from the outside. Some models are even able to close automatically in case the rain falls thanks to their rain sensors.

Power consumption

Although electricity consumption varies by household, the means of consumption can be determined by a rapid calculation of household appliances, heating patterns and energy consumption habits. There is a free online calculator available to quickly assess your own power consumption. In this case it will be necessary to specify the type of dwelling (house or apartment), number of people who live and their profession.

The evaluation also takes into account the presence of electric heating as well as the use of electrical equipment (dishwasher / linen, freezer, televisions, electric oven, hob).

To estimate the average electricity consumption, it is necessary to take into account the surface of the housing, the composition of the household and of course the habits relating to the use of the electricity. Electric heating represents 55% of the total electricity consumption, the electric cumulus is 22%, 7% to pay the bill of light, 3% for the tumble dryer, computer and television, 2% for the fridge the washing machine and 1%.

After dinner, when the dishwasher is full, the fireplace will turn on, the TV will be ready to start the next show of your favorite video streaming series, and the lighting will be adjusted even before you go to the living room. The bathroom light will come on when you pause your program and go to it.

In short, your home will become more and more intelligent, with its basic systems such as water heater, plumbing, faucets, air conditioning and heating, as well as the connected objects it will house.

Home automation as we knew it a few years ago is over. Homeowner central systems that required you to buy the brain and all the components of the same company, run wires all over the house and have a specialist program, all at a cost that substantially increased your mortgage are no longer popular.