Booking a chartered flight is the most convenient way to travel to and from Moscow. Flying by charter differs from scheduled aviation in a number of ways; it is synonymous with efficiency, privacy and flexibility. Whether you are a corporate executive planning to visit Moscow on business or holidaymaker, you are sure to love the exclusivity, freedom and efficiency of Moscow charter flight. Scheduled airlines often entail hub-and-spoke routes, delays and several in-transit stops. Having a fleet of aircraft at your disposal comes with enormous benefits for both business and leisure travelers. With charter flights, you have the luxury of choosing the type of aircraft, enjoy additional on-board amenities in addition to flying where and when you want. Moscow offers a selection of three major airports, including Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo international airports. The city is also home to a number of smaller airports: Ramenskoye, Myachkovo and Ostafyevo airports.

Selecting the ideal jet

With a private Moscow charter flight, you can avoid long queues at the major airports by speeding though security checkpoints. Operators offer different types of aircraft, including light and mid-size jets. Light jets are an economical option while mid-size variants provide more space and amenities. Opting for larger passenger aircraft allows you to enjoy more headroom and they are ideal for longer distances. A light Lear, turboprop or Cessna jet is well suited for shorter distances to and from Moscow. Some operators offer large jets with amenities designed to cater for high-flying business executives. The jets allow you to conduct business mid-flight and also travel in larger groups. Leading charter companies conduct extensive background checks on flight crew to ensure safety and professionalism. The aircraft fleet undergoes regular auditing and inspections using world renowned Wyvern and ARGUS safety evaluation systems.

Flight considerations

Some of the factors that determine the right type of aircraft include space requirements, price and range. The average charter jet, from turboprops to wide-bodied jets can fit six to twenty-five passengers comfortably. Some jets come with luxurious living room style layout. Longer trips may require amenities that allow passengers to lie down for a mid-flight nap. Luggage also plays an important role in determining suitability. Mid-size and larger aircraft have the capacity to handle bulky luggage. Although a light jet is a cost-effective option; it may require refueling stops on long flights, which extends travel time to or from Moscow. It is common practice to upgrade to a bigger aircraft when flight time is extended by three or more hours due to refueling stops. Flight destination is also a vital consideration because runway lengths determine suitability of an aircraft. Smaller airports generally feature shorter runways, which makes it difficult or impossible for larger aircraft to land. Moscow offers up to 19 smaller airports.