Are you looking for bail bonds New Jersey services? It is important to understand the laws, rules, regulations and procedures involved in paying a bond. You will need support of a competent bail bond agent. Most of these laws remain same across the states except a few small differences. These services will help you get your loved one out of the jail quickly and easily.

The Process

A person charged for a crime is taken into custody and sent to the jail. This is the time when the defendant receives the opportunity to post the bail if it applies to their case. The bail amount is always quite high even for a small crime. Most family members of the arrested individual find it difficult to pay such a large amount. They cannot arrange this big amount of money immediately. This is where the services of a bail bond agent prove useful. The professional offers various payment options including pledging a property as security. Once the deal is agreed, the bond company deposits the amount on behalf of the defendant. It charges a percentage of the bond amount for its services.

Various Paying Options

The bond company offers various payment options. It accepts deposit in the form of cash or asset. The cash payments can be made by the cards. It needs proof of asset in the form of its documents. In some cases, a collateral that has the same value as the deposit is sufficient for the purpose. Once it has been decided how the defendant will pay the bond amount to the bond company, it deposits the required amount in the court. If the defendant fails to turn up in the court at the next hearing, the bail agency gets the right to track down the person by hiring a bounty hunter.

The Charges and Fees of the Bail Bonds New Jersey Agency

Most companies operating in this sector charge 10% of the bail amount. It is a nonrefundable fee even if the case is rejected by the court. In addition to this fee, the bond agency also takes a security in the form of mortgage or any other asset which has a value equivalent to the bail amount. If the defendant does not turn up in the court on the appointed date, the bond agency can encash the asset kept with it as a security. If the person shows up on time in the court, then the asset no longer remains as a security with it.

Bail Bonds New Jersey Call a bail bonds company in New Jersey if you want to know more about its fees and charges. Learn the various ways you can pay for your bail.