So, you are planning to hold a big event soon, and you already have a venue and a date. You even have a catering company in mind. What is missing is the entertainment aspect. You are a little hesitant because you want a band that can fully entertain your guest. You want to hire a band that plays music that your guests can dance to. As you are lost in thought, a friend surprises you with the words “swing band.” Since you are not familiar with the form of entertainment, you don’t know what to expect and you assume it’s a jazz band.

Well, to help you out, swing bands are different from jazz bands. Yes, their style of entertainment is similar and they share some instruments but the music is different.

While jazz music involves playing a one-note kind of rhythm in an average pace, swing music involves playing an uplifting rhythm in a faster way. We talk of ‘uplifting rhythm’ because the music is characterized by three notes. The beats are danceable, and this is where the most fun is.

To produce amazing notes, swing bands for hire use specific instruments. Here is quick overview of the most common ones:

1. The Keyboard

A keyboard is a basic instrument that makes swing music livelier. The instrument is very versatile as it produces different harmonies andallows creativity.

2. The Piano

Just like the keyboard, the piano is meant to add a ‘good feel factor’ to the music played. The instrument contributes to amazing beats that are easy to dance to. It also allows creativity.

3. Drums

No swing band will come to an event without a set of drums. The drums are the backbone of the sound played. They complement the keyboard and the piano.

4. Trumpet

The trumpet adds upbeats to the music played. It’s a very flexible instrument that can be played in different styles.

5. Saxophone

The saxophone is an old instrument that is widely used by swing bands for hire. Just like the trumpet, it’s meant to create upbeats for the music played.

6. Double Base

A double base provides a soulful; smooth ripple to classical music and swing as well as a foot-tapping deep resonance to oldies and other types of swing music.

7. Trombone

This is usually used to produce lower base sounds that give the depth required in certain swing tracks.

The 7 instruments make swing music amazing. The instruments are not only simple to play but also very versatile in their beat production. It’s always fun to dance to beats that are rhythmical as this is what swing music is all about.