If you are a business owner or a shareholder in Australia you’ve probably heard about the 494 Visa Australia. The main purpose of this document is to allow organizations that are lawfully and actively operating in any state or regional Australia to nominate high skilled personnel for a provisional travel visa. In this article, we will expound more on its uses, how to apply for 494 visas, requirements for applications, and assess all the benefits of having this visa in your operations as a business owner or a shareholder in Regional Australia.

How to Apply for 494 Visa Australia

You can apply for this special visa in three ways;

Through sponsorship where the employer or the company must have applied for some approval of your sponsorship.
Through Nomination whereby your employer or the company must lodge the nomination all specifying the information of the employee position and identifies him/her as the nominee.
Lastly, through the Visa Application process where the interested applicants apply for 494 visas under an appropriate stream.


This visa allows you to operate or work, live and study in Regional Australia
They are categorized into two different groups; the Labor agreement and Employer sponsor.
494 means that this is a provision grant that allows you to live and stay in Australia for up to five years but after three years you may be eligible to apply for a residential Visa under subclass 191 visa which is under debate.


For your application to be considered a success or a legal owner of this visa one must meet the following;
The nomination/application from your organization should go through and get approved
You must have true and genuine reasons for your nomination and occupation
Your position at your employers business must also be genuine
You must meet and satisfy all the Public criterial and special regional criteria
You must meet character and health requirements
And the most important is that you must meet all the nomination criteria to your application stream things like being qualified for the position, holding the same position in other companies, and receive a positive assessment from your RCB.


Requirements and criteria relevant to the whole approval of all nominated positions mean that your employer will apply for the visa for you. Approval as a sole business or Regional; body the RCB approval means you’ve met all the required standards. Unlike other application processes, this requires a lot of information before you start your applications and that is why it’s important to find more information about the visa before applying.