Marketers draw people to their businesses through a variety of means. Advertising is one of them. It has been standing out for several decades now. This is because it not only entertains the customer, but also educates him about the product. Advertising is about leaving a positive impression on the customer’s mind. However, Advertising Strategy and Campaign Planning is a demanding job as it requires knowledge of the product, its USPs, the target audience, the means of reaching out to the customer, and the way of measuring the outcome.

You begin with setting the goals. Then a budget is apsproved by the finance department or by the concerning head. Then the target audience is defined. A timeline is fixed and the means of achieving the goals are spotted. Then the creative teams and other professionals get involved for producing the advertisements. These are then released on various platforms. This is followed by a review of the effectiveness of the campaign. If the marketers are satisfied with the results, they carry on with the strategy. On the other hand, if they are unhappy, they change the tactics and resort to some other means. Customers see only a fraction of the whole effort.

Planning helps in setting the objectives, executing the strategies, and measuring their impacts. There are various platforms for advertising like internet, print, television, outdoors, and radio. Then there are many other ways of keeping in touch with the customer like sending out greeting cards, wishing them on occasions like Christmas and Good Friday, releasing coupons and discounts and sending out gifts that have your logo on them. Marketers pay close attention to the minute details. In fact, most of the products have moved toward engaging the customer on the basis of his expectations from the it.

These days, advertising is considered incomplete if the brand doesn’t have a presence on the internet. In fact, there are many companies which strictly stick to online advertising to reach out to their customers. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are used to engage the customers through competitions, lotteries, passes, giveaways, and other means. There are many service providers who focus on social media marketing and provide a variety of options to the client. The advantage of online campaigning is that the message could be sent out to the target audience in the most precise manner, and the response to the campaign can be accurately measured. This is unlike what happens in other means of advertisements. The Advertising Strategy should be devised out by professionals as a lot is at stake.