Different types of equipment are used with transport vehicles like trucks, tippers, tankers, trailers and semi trailers. Most such items must be custom manufactured because these products are generally not available in the market. Custom fabrication is the only way to build such equipment. There are many transport equipment fabrication companies that make such products. There are small companies that undertake only small fabrication works. Large fabrication companies are ready to make large equipment, peripherals, parts and accessories. Some large fabricators even make custom transport vehicles.

Transport equipment fabricators offer their services to clients operating in mining, chemical, food, farm, freight and heavy transport industries. They can fabricate both standard and custom equipment. It is important to deal with a fabricator that has maintained good service record. Even simple mistakes can mean cost overruns and project delays if the fabricated equipment does not fit or connect to the vehicle.

Fabricators working on complex structures now use advanced technologies. The custom design is prepared in advanced 3D software programs. The design is evaluated and tested within the computer program on various parameters. The analysis helps design structure that does not have any technical fault. Once the design is ready, the digital data of it is uploaded to the computing systems of tooling machines and industrial manufacturing robots. These devices help avoid any technical fault during the transport equipment fabrication process. Project managers continuously check the whole process. They make sure the structure is being built as planned and to the highest standards. Some parts of the job are handled manually. These advanced fabrication and manufacturing devices are used when large and complex equipment for transport vehicles is fabricated. Smaller equipment is fabricated manually using common industrial tools, machining equipment and welding equipment.

Some transport fabricators offer complete building of a transport vehicle. Such production works are handled in a completely integrated production line. At the same time, it is not a truck and trailer manufacturing company. The transport vehicle and its equipment are fabricated according to the custom designs of clients. The integrated and automated production line speeds up the whole process. The transport vehicle and its equipment are fabricated on time and within the budget.

The automated production line relies on robots, sensors and software to fabricate the custom equipment. Once the CAD/CAM data has been uploaded to the computerised tooling machines, there is no need of any manual intervention. Automated welding using robot allows fabricators to build structures with strong, smooth and uniform joints. It eliminates welding flaws and allows quick multilayer welding. Each project requires different type of programming for the robot and machining tools because every customer orders a different design of equipment. These advanced machines help build transport equipment products that last long and meet the highest industry standards.