As you probably know, the term ‘turnkey” is used in the manufacturing world to refer to a product that is availed to the consumer in a form that can be used immediately. This means that the manufacturer procures the materials, fabricates the PCBs, and places the needed components on the boards. There are several ways you or your company can benefit from working with a Turnkey PCB assembly company. You save on time and money besides accessing other additional services, all under one roof. Nevertheless, you should work with a reliable company that can deliver PCB solutions without disappointments.

Here are guidelines to keep in mind when hiring Turnkey PCB assembly services.

Check Reviews

Reviews expose you to the world of potential service providers. Visit the manufacturer’s website and social media pages to view what customers say or think about the service. Also, check customer ratings and reviews in electronic forms and other sites to know what to expect from particular PCB manufacturers.

Check the technological capabilities

Whereas manufacturing preferences vary among clients, it’s good to know that not all board manufacturers can handle all the requirements. PCB boards come in various forms, with some having multiple layers, others being small with thin traces, and the high-current versions requiring high-quality copper. The first thing you want to be sure about is that the manufacturer has the necessary technology to fulfill your specific needs while maintaining quality.

Is the company certified?

The PCB assembly industry is heavily regulated, requiring manufacturers to meet specific standards to go into business. This is in consideration of the delicate nature of electronic components owing to the huge potential disasters that can emanate from simple mistakes. Ensure that the service provider has the necessary documents authorized by the appropriate departments. Also, request for business permits issued by local and federal departments. A good business is insured against several risks.

Consider the costs

Software and hardware investment, as well as the complexities of a PCB, contribute to the overall cost of PCBs. Additionally, you ought to be sure about the standard and accelerated shipping costs you are likely to incur when working with a particular manufacturer. All in all, you want products with favorable profit margins and therefore, choose a turnkey PCB assembly company with reasonable pricing options.

Sample the products

Rather than placing a first-time bulk order, consider ordering a few samples of your design. Check the quality of the PCB boards, including their heat tolerance, clearance for ground planes, and silkscreen font. If the samples don’t meet your requirements or stipulated standards, maybe it’s time to consider working with another manufacturer.

With the right turnkey PCB assembly services, you are sure to access comprehensive PCB solutions under one roof. Be sure to consider the above aspects to find trusted and cost-effective service provider that you can wholly rely on.