An Automated Parking System is a mechanical parking system that maximizes the number of available parking spaces while minimizing land usage and area. It also provides a multitude of levels for parking. As a result, the system is ideal for high-rise buildings and other commercial spaces and has many benefits.

Stacking systems

Stacking systems are an extremely efficient method for parking vehicles. With no pallets or other moving parts to keep track of, these automated parking systems are a convenient and time-saving alternative to traditional car parks. With simultaneous vertical and horizontal movement, stacker systems can shorten entry time while offering convenience to drivers. A robotic mechanism lifts and lowers the vehicle, allowing the driver to exit or enter their vehicle without having to move the car.

An automated system uses a computer and sensors to automatically park cars in appropriate spaces, saving space, money, and hassle. It also eliminates the need for a parking attendant. Automated systems come in different types and differ in their capacity and costs. Semi-automated systems are best suited for large-scale parking lots. Stacking systems have several advantages over manual parking. Automated systems are cost-effective, space-saving, and environmentally friendly.

Lift & Slide/Puzzle Lift

A Lift & Slide/Puzzle Lift automates the process of moving cars from one level to another. This system has five layers and a multi-column layout with spare spaces. All spaces are capable of lifting or sliding freely and are positioned to accommodate as many cars as possible. In addition, the lifting channel is formed by empty spaces. As a result, the cars can slide and lift easily once the parking system reaches ground level.

A Lift & Slide/Puzzle Lift is an automated system that uses a combination of vertical and horizontal movement to move cars from one level to the next. It requires user training and is most effective in offices and residential buildings. However, some risks are associated with using this type of system. In addition, you need to know that this type of parking system is very expensive.

There are many advantages to an automated system, including cost-comparability. For example, it saves developers land. This system requires significantly less land and maintenance than a traditional parking ramp. Moreover, the installation cost is comparable to ramp construction. What’s more, automated parking systems are likely to become increasingly popular as demand grows.

A single domestic manufacturer can provide a complete, integrated automated parking system rather than hiring a value-added re-seller to put the pieces together. A single manufacturer can provide design services, fabrication, installation, support, quality control, and software programming. Moreover, a single supplier provides legal protection, technical support, and project management. Therefore, it is recommended that you buy an Automated Parking System from a manufacturer that has extensive experience in the industry.