Wired Internet connections dominated the landscape for the longest time. Wireless technologies could not compete in terms of speed, reach, and reliability. Now the latter is catching up and threatening to change the industry. There are already millions of households connected to the Internet via 4G networks. It has proven to be a viable option. Now that 5G Internet connection is rolling out all over Australia, many are excited to try the service and see how well it performs.

A More Robust Remote Work Setup

More people are working remotely in their homes. This makes it crucial to have dependable Internet connections. Some people are getting 5G as an alternative in their main wired connection goes down. They can quickly make the switch and rejoin online meetings. They can resume their research and other online tasks. They can use web apps and connect to remote servers. This robust system is particularly important during bad weather. You never know when problems will come up.

Faster Speeds Compared to 4G Internet

The best 4G networks can deliver speeds that make video streaming and other bandwidth-hungry activities possible. Now 5G is here to provide even faster downloads and uploads. However, the initial rollouts are likely to produce only modest gains. As the technology evolves, the performance will improve and make new things possible. Who knows what applications will trend in the coming years?

Less Latency for More Enjoyable Gaming

Aside from faster downloads, 5G Internet connection also brings reduced latency in sending and receiving data packets. This means that there are shorter delays for transmissions. The big winners here are gamers since they can have better control over their avatars. They can participate in online games over wireless connections with greater confidence. They do not have to be bound to a place with wired Internet.

A Cost-efficient Way to Connect

Wireless Internet is getting cheaper every year. This is thanks to maturing technologies, more affordable devices, and economies of scale. The fact that companies do not need to lay down countless miles of cable helps as well. There could come a time when wireless becomes more budget-friendly than wired options. The prices are quite reasonable even today.

An Excellent Option for Rural Dwellers

Many rural dwellers cannot rely on wired infrastructure so their choices often boil down to 4G/5G and satellite Internet. The former tends to be more popular with high availability and excellent value for money.