You have bought a condo in Singapore and it happens that it’s not your dream unit. You want it to look glamorous. You feel that your space is not spacious enough and the interior could use some decorations. Though you were informed of the details before buying the unit, it’s what you could afford at the moment. So, what can you do to make it as valuable as most Singapore luxury condos? The secret is being creative. You need to change a few things and introduce some luxurious decors.

Here are 5 ideas to use:

1. Invest in Sets of Mirrors

Mirrors have the power of making a small space look bigger. You don’t have to invest in a big mirror. Just go for sets of small reflectors and arrange them creatively on your wall. Other than making your space look bigger, they’ll also act as decoration.

2. Add a Few Crystals

Adding crystals in the room will always create an appeal of luxury. The interesting part is that you can ‘multiply’ the collection by placing the crystals adjacent to mirrors.

3. Go with White

White is always a luxurious color. You need to start by painting the walls and the ceiling. Then, you can change a few features such as the sofas and coffee table to white.

4. Fit a Modern Chandelier

A ceiling plays an important role in improving the general appearance of your condo. Adding a chandelier to it injects an element of glamor and class to the unit. The room will sparkle and appear classy.

5. Leverage the Power of Art

Art pieces are always associated with class and glamor in Singapore. They are perfect d├ęcor for any modern condo unit. You only need to find pieces of well-known artists to use.

6. Create rich vignettes

One of the best ways of creating luxurious-looking space is incorporating well-edited layers of decorations. Creating tiny vignettes of varying accessories on your coffee table, night table, or foyer console can help you achieve this seamlessly. Some of the best materials that you can use include luxe-looking objects such as trays, glass objects, and semi-precious stone accessories. What if you are on a budget? Well, you can still use readily available materials such as glass diffuser bottles and empty perfume bottles.

Generally, Singapore luxury condos are always on high demand. So many guests visit the Southeast Asian state yearly, so you have the opportunity to cash in if you are able to meet the expected standards. It starts with applying the above ideas to your existing condo.