A dog bite can cause a serious injury and thus should not be taken lightly. You may take the bite to be an ordinary one, only to suffer physical pain, and even an ugly wound in the long run. Moreover, there are dogs that are not vaccinated and their bites pose life-threatening injuries. At times, you may find it necessary to proceed to court so as to be compensated. In such a case, you’ll need legal representation to successfully hold the dogowner responsible. If this is the route that you’ve decide to take, then you’ll need to provide credible witnesses to back your dog bite claim.

Here are 5 dog bite expert witnesses that you can use in court:

1. Medical Doctor

When a dog bites you, the first cause of action is to see a medical doctor. The doctor is able to examine and treat your injuries—from nerve damage to post-traumatic stress. Remember that dog bites can cause thousands of dollars in damages in certain cases, and a doctor is the right person who can explain the current and future impact of the injuries that you’ve incurred. A doctor also makes a report of the assessment, which you can use as an evidence of the dog bite.

2. Dog Breeder

This expert can provide relevant opinions pertaining to how a dog should be raised. The testimony can help to determine if the dog owner neglected the animal. The opinions of the breeder are very impactful in court.

3. Animal Control Expert

This officer can help significantly in the investigation. The expert can provide opinions pertaining to dog laws, especially what happens when the animal is neglected. The testaments of the animal control officer can form the basis of your dog bite claim.

4. Vet Doctor

This dog bite expert can be used to describe the severity of the bites that you suffered. You can use the testament as the ground to ask for compensation from the insurance company.

5. Economist

A dog bite is an economic injury. It can prevent you from working and earning income. So, you need an expert to determine the economic losses that you have suffered due to the dog bite. This is what an economist is there for and you can use the expert as a witness in court.

Final Thoughts

With the testaments of the above highlighted witness experts, you can boost your chances of getting compensated for the dog bite injury. You just need to ensure that their testimonies do not contradict each other to be paid.