There’s more to a good home in Perth than just its interior. A home’s exterior also matters, and to be specific, the yard. Both the front and back yards are instrumental in creating an inviting home. You can only enjoy this if you inject colors, personal touch, and warmth in your yard. What you need are creative residential landscaping ideas to do it. From lovely flowers to a stunning outdoor space, everything has to be designed to suit your residential needs. Not only should the ideas be attractive but functional too. Wondering how this is possible? Here are 5 creative ideas for residential landscaping in Perth that you should try out:

1. Lovely Flowers to Welcome Your Guests

Flowers are generally inviting and are more effective when close to the entrance. There are amazing perennial colorful flowers that you can plant such as Lily-of-the-Valley, Petunia, and Snapdragon among others. The flowers should be planted to form a low fence around your lovely front yard.

2. Low Natural Fence to Surround the Backyard

Using white wood, bricks, or any other natural building materials, builda low fence around the backyard. This fence is not meant to surround your entire house but should be there to create an illusion that the house is far from the street. A fence that is adorned in amazing plants and flowers can make a statement in your front yard. What’s more, putting up a low fence that only measures a couple feet is far more affordable than installing a full-size fence.

3. Deer-Proof the Garden

Apparently, the deer and animals alike relish the garden flowers thus interfering with your residential landscape. To avoid this, you should plant herbs that don’t interest them such as the Globe Thistle, Purple Cornflower, and Butterfly Weed.

4. Add Steps in the Front Part

Adding concrete steps is a great way to create a clear path from the driveway or the street to the front yard. Steps increase the general appeal of the front part of your yard while improving the general landscape of the home.

5. Colorful Island Lawn and Hedge

To make the driveway look desirable, you should create a lovely lawn island in the middle of it. Then, set up a colorful hedge at the back of the lawn. The hedge should feature herbs of varying heights and colors.

Final Remarks

Creative landscaping is the key to creating a stunning home. With the above highlighted 5 ideas for residential landscaping in Perth, you should be able to transform your ordinary home into a desirable abode. For more information about residential landscaping, feel free to contact us. We ready to take on customers as ongoing work.