Are you starting a swing band for hire soon? You’ll need a cool name. The name will represent your brand and it’s what you’ll use to promote your band. Considering that there are countless swing bands for hire globally, you may feel like it’s an impossible task to find a good and unique name. Well, it’s not. You just have to be a little creative.

For one, you have to keep the name short. You need a name that clients can easily pronounce and spell. Secondly, the name of your band should be SEO friendly. The clients who look for swing bands online should be able to find your crew. Lastly, the name should not have a negative connotation. With the points in mind, here are 5 amazing ideas that you can use:

1. A Name That Means Something to You

It may be your local town, the name of your high school music crew or just a favorite spot that you like to spend time. You can use the name and add something band-related to it.

2. Your Favorite Animal

So many swing bands name their crews after their most-cherished animals. The common ones being the lion, the cat, the cheetah, the dog, and the mouse. You can add a swing band-related name to the animal name. People are very enthusiastic about animals. So, you will never go wrong with animal names unless you opt to you use the names of the world’s ugliest animals. Remember, they could be cute to you but not to everyone else.

3. Your Favorite Instrument

What do you enjoy playing the most? Is it the guitar, the drum, the trumpet or the piano? You can get the inspiration from these instruments to come up with a cool name for your swing band.

4. Use Your Initials

If you are the one forming the band, you have all the rights to use the initials of your name as your band’s name.

5. Consult a Band Name Generator

Lastly, you can use the band name generator to pick a random name if you have run out of ideas. The program will provide you with a number of swing band names to consider.

By and large, a good swing band name is what you need to establish your brand. This is why all swing bands for hire look for names that are not only unique but cool too. To be one of the most unique and cool bands, use the above ideas. You’ll get a suitable name for your swing band.