1. Invest in music lessons for your child.

Science has proven that children who grow up reading and playing music are smarter and more focused than their unmusical counterparts. While it can take a while to get the hang of a new instrument even for grownups, it can really help if you allow your child to pick their own instrument instead of simply being gifted with one. Some kids will pick piano while others will prefer trumpet lessons. If they are more invested in the process of learning, the process will not only go faster but they will enjoy it as much as possible.

2. Encourage your child’s expression.

Art is a great way for your kids to express who they are as individuals. From a blank canvas with a bevy of paints to mixed medias for collages, giving your child the tools they need to be expressive can help them to grow a healthy love of the arts early on in life.

While art can be therapeutic for kids, many children prefer writing. If you foster a child’s love of words, you just might raise the next Mark Twain – and even if you don’t, you will have taught your child how to express their feeling through the gift of words.

3. Sign up for dance lessons and stick to them.

Contemporary dancing is not only a learned skill that can one day be a career option for your child but it can also be a healthy outlet for emotions. Dancing allows your child to express their emotions through movement and many dancers say that as they dance it can even change their emotions. This is because dancing is a form of exercise and exercise releases endorphins that can stop stress in its stress. If your child is struggling with depression or the blues, dancing is a great option for them.

4. Collaborate.

Art is something that can be created alone but it is also something that is so fun to collaborate on… especially as a family. This can be a bonding experience for all of you. For example, if your child chose to take piano lessons, you might opt for trumpet lessons so that you can someday play songs together before dinner. You could also collaborate on a painting or just be silly and have a dance session after dessert.

Art is one of the most important aspects of learning on the planet. Not only does it teach us about culture, but it teaches us about ourselves and it helps us to find our hidden talents that can carry us a lifetime.