Self confidence, you know it when you feel it or see it in others, and yet, it is difficult to clearly define. Experts call self confidence the trust you have in your abilities, your competency, and your judgment. It is the feeling you experience when you look at any given situation, and your internal dialogue says, “I have got this.”

No one is born with it. Self confidence examples is something one develops and hones. This means that you can learn to be self confident. People sometimes confuse ‘faking it till they make it’ as confidence, but you can do better than that. A great way to this is by emulating self confidence examples.

Get to Know Yourself

People spend most of their years trying to make sense of the world and of others. Unfortunately, they spend little or no time trying to get to know themselves. Spend some solo time daily, and begin to understand what you like and dislike, find things that you are passionate about and discover your goals.

If you do not set your own goals, someone else will set them for you. Henry Ford overcame the failures he experienced by developing his own plan, and reevaluated it as and when required. He learned from his failures but did not dwell on them for too long. Focus and persistence were the foundation to his self confidence.

Be True to Yourself

Acclaimed children’s literature author Theodor Seuss ‘Ted’ Giesel, better known as Dr Seuss, received rejection letters from as many as 27 publishers. He did not give in to these rejections and instead continued to persevere. He was true to his work and his calling.

Empower yourself by taking the time to understand yourself. Be your greatest supporter and spend time understanding your inner critique. Negative inner dialogue can be more debilitating that the discouraging words of others.
To be self confident you must have a realistic understanding of your capabilities and competencies. Use the resources at your behest to the best of your abilities. Instead of giving in to negativity, choose to walk your path with vigor and passion.

Find Your Passion

Van Gogh, artist par excellence, is known for his spectacular art. He is also known for the rejection and criticism he suffered for his work. And yet, he remained true to his passion and his craft. It is imperative to discover your strengths and hone them. You can learn new skills and update existing ones. When you follow your passion and work hard a surge in self confidence is to be expected.