Whether you are a seasoned cook or still finding your way around the kitchen and pantry, the creamy garlic chicken is a recipe that you cannot go wrong with. It needs only a handful of ingredients that are found in most kitchens. It requires minimal preparation and cooking time. This makes it a favorite with most busy people who would like to enjoy a delicious meal that is not a hassle to cook.

The Ingredient

The basic ingredients for the creamy garlic chicken include chicken breasts, cloves of garlic, chicken broth, and cream. You will need to use a lot of garlic, a pod is ideal. As the garlic burns quickly, do ensure that you cook it on low or medium heat until it is looks golden in color. If you are worried about the calories in the dish, you could use low fat cream cheese or half and half.
Some additional ingredients that go well with this recipe include mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and spinach. To add a little flair you can add some of your favorite herbs, some whole grain dry mustard or a spoon of pesto. If you wish to add some white wine, you would need reduce it to about half the quantity, and then add the cream.

Cooking Time

The instructions for prep and cooking are as simple as they come. Season the chicken with salt and pepper and set it aside. Next, in a deep skillet heat a tablespoon of butter on medium heat, and thereafter add the chicken to it. You will cook each side for about four to six minutes. Once you are sure the chicken is well cooked, remove it from the skillet and place it on a plate. Use a sheet of aluminum foil to tent it. This will keep it warm and moist until you are ready to place the chicken pieces back into the skillet.

Next, put the garlic into the skillet, and cook for about a minute, before you pour in the chicken broth. Be careful not to burn the garlic. The broth should be cooked on low heat, and will need to be reduced to half. Add the cream and allow the mix to thicken before putting the chicken pieces back into the pan. Coat the chicken pieces with the thick, creamy sauce, cook for a minute or two before turning off the heat. Enjoy your creamy garlicky chicken with mashed potatoes and a green salad.